Before Take-Off


1. Morning, madam(Sir). Welcome board!


2. May I introduce myself, Im ___, the chief purser of

this flight.


3. Morning, sir. Welcome aboard. Business class or economy?


4. Follow me, please. Your seat is in the middle of the cabin.


5. An aisle seat on the left side ------ Here you are, sir.


6. Im afraid you are in the wrong seat. 20C is just two rows behind on the other aisle.


7. Excuse me for a second, Ill check.


8. The plane is about to take off. Please dont walk about in the cabin.


9. You know the weather in Hongkong is not so good. It has been delayed.


10. Air China Flight CA937 leaves at 0730 in the morning.


11. Flight No. 926, leaving Tokyo at 1740, flies nonstop back to Beijing.


12. Youre flying economy class. Is that right?


Emergency Situation


1. Fasten your seat belts immediately. The plane will make an emergency landing because of the sudden

breakdown of an engine.


2. Dont panic!


3. Our captain has confidence to land safely. All the crew members of this flight are well

trained for this kind of situation. So please obey instructions from us.


4. Take out the life vest under your seat and put it on!


5. Dont inflate the life vest in the cabin and as soon as you leave the aircraft, inflate it by pulling down the red tab.


6. Put the mask over your face!


7. Bend your head between your knees!


8. Bend down and grab your ankles.


9. Get the extinguisher.


10. Open seat belts. Leave everything behind and come this way!


11.This plane has eight emergency exits. Please locate the exit nearest to you. 本架飞机有八个安全门,请找到离你最近的那个门。

12. Jump and slide down!




Our train will arrive at Beijing Railway Station at 18:27.


Our restaurant opens at 6:00pm for supper.


Our next stop will be Lanzhou Station.Please prepare yourself for getting off the train.


The destination will be reached in about twenty minutes.


Our train currently travels at 90 kilometres an hour.


The restaurant is No 8 carriage in the middle of the train.


The toilets are available only when the train is travelling.

Excuse me ,please show your ticket on demand.您好,请出示您的车票。

你好!请打开你的车票1hello,please unfold your ticket,thank you


the train pulling in,toilet is unavailable now,please wait several minutes.

How long will this train take to go to Beijing?这列直达快车开到北京要多久?

This express will go straight from Beijing to Tianjin.这列快车从北京直达天津。

What time is the next train to Beijing? 下一趟去北京的车几点开?

Excuse me, can you help me find my seat? 劳驾,你能帮我找一下座位吗?

Please show me your ticket, it says which seat is yours .给我看一下你的车票吧,上面有你的座位号。

Excuse me, I need to get a pass. Can I help you with your bags? Can I move it please? 打扰一下,借光。我能帮你提包吗?我能移开它吗?

Your child is already over 1.1m, please buy a children` ticket.


Your child is already over 1.4m, please b少儿英语培训机构哪家好yunzhuangcn.com,王老师为什么这么喜欢抄写文章呢?uy an adult ticket.


Sorry,your luggage is overweight ,please buy a luggage ticket. 对不起,你的行李已超重,请补票。

Please add more ~~yuan for your ticket.您需要加补~~元钱。

How long shall we stop here, please?请问在这停车多久?

This is a temporary stop.现在是临时停车。

It stays for minutes.停车分。

Please dont get off the train.请不要下车。

The train is now minutes late.列车现在晚点几分钟。

The train will soon be on schedule.


What have you got inside?里面有什么东西?

Dont worry. Well try to find it for you.请不要着急,我们设法帮你找。

Dont worry. well manage to give it back to you if we find it.请放心,如果我们找到了,我们设法转交给你。

Well keep you informed.我们将随时通知您。

No Dangerous goods are allowed to bring on the train! 严禁携带危险品上车!

Please take care of your valuables.


Help us to keep the train clean.


Take care when you get off the train.


Luggage must not be put in the gateway. 行李不准放到过道上。

Mind the gap. 小心台阶间跨度

Please keep gateways clear. 请保持过道畅通。


I: Tell me about yourself and your past experience.

A: For the past 3 years, I have been working in China East Airlines Corporation Limited. I抦 very tolerant of people and have been told that this is one of my strengths. I feel I have a lot to offer as a team member.

I: Why are you interested in this occupation?

A: It抯 always been my dream to be a stewardess. And I like travelling to different places.

I: What do you think is the chief charcteristic for a stewardess?

A: Well, a stewardess should be friendly, courteous, patient and treat passengers kindly and politely.

I: Do you get angry easily?

A: No, I know how to control my temper.

I: If a passenger had a accident, what would you do?

A: I would give him or her basic first aid and ask my partner to call for assistance at the same time.

I: If you are hired, when can you start work?

A: I can begin to work right away because I am out of work now.

I: What are your salary expectations?

A: I really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I抎 like to postpone that discussion until later. Maybe you could tell me what is budgeted for the position and how your commission structure works.

I: 说说你自己和你过去的经历。

A: 过去三年我一直在中国东方航空有限公司工作。我待人宽容,别人都说这是我的优点。我想作为团队一员,我能作出很多贡献。

I: 你为什么对这个职业感兴趣?

A: 成为一名空姐一直是我的梦想,而且我喜欢到各地旅游。

I: 对空姐来说,你认为主要应该具备的品质是什么?

A: 空姐应该待人友好、有礼貌、有耐心,对顾客和蔼、彬彬有礼。

I: 你容易生气吗?

A: 不,我知道怎样控制自己的脾气。

I: 如果有乘客发生意外,你会怎么办?

A: 我会为他/她做基本的急救,同时让同伴寻求救助。

I: 如果你被录用,什么时候你能开始工作?

A: 因为我目前没有工作,所以随时都可以。

I: 你希望拿多少薪水?

A: 在讨论薪水前,我需要更多了解这份工作。我希望迟点讨论这个问题,或者你可以告诉我这个职位的预算薪酬是多少,贵公司的佣金制度是如何运作的。



May I see your passport, please? 麻烦请给我你的护照。

Where are you staying? 将在那儿住宿?

Here is my passport / Here it is. 这是我的护照。

I will stay at Boston Hotel. 我将住在波士顿饭店。

Whats the purpose of your visit? 旅行的目的为何?

Do you have a return ticket to Taiwan? 是否有台湾回程机票?

Sightseeing(Businese)。 观光(公务)。

Yes, here it is. 有的,这就是回程机票。

How long will you be staying in the United States? 预计在美国停留多久?

How much money do you have with you? 你随身携带多少现金?


Where can I get my baggage? 我在何处可取得行李?

Its a small ovemight bag. Its light brown. 它是一个茶色小旅行袋。

I canfind my baggage. 我找不到我的行李。

We may have lost some baggage so wed like to make a lost baggage report.

Would you come with me to the office? 我们可能遗失了几件行李,所以必须填份行李遗失报告。



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